Antwerp Poster Festival (APF) is an event aimed at promoting graphic design and creative thinking in Antwerp. With its international appeal, APF strives to showcase a broad spectrum of styles and visions in the field of graphic design. For this first edition of APF – the first festival of its kind in Belgium – we want to know what drives and interests you as a designer/illustrator/creative. Hence the festival’s theme: Show Your Colours.

We hope to welcome and inspire professionals, creatives and non-creatives alike at this first edition of the Antwerp Poster Festival.


SAT 09.03 19:00 Opening night
SUN 10.03 13:00 Riso Printing by Kabinet
TUE 12.03 18:30 Lecture Night #1
WED 13.03 18:30 Lecture Night #2
THUR 14.03 15:30 Antalis event with Heavyweight (invite only)
FRI 15.03 11:00 Abstract Poster Collage by Marie Bernard
SAT 16.03 23:00 Closing party



Maximum number of participants: 8

Haptic House
Turnhoutsebaan 1-3
2100 Antwerpen

kabinet.studio is a graphic design and print studio in Antwerp and is a cooperation of Freya Clijmans and An Onghena. They focus on visual communication from print to digital. Book design, artist publications, identities, event design, posters and flyers belong to their services. They love projects that they can develop from A to Z, from concept to creation, including RISO printing the final product themselves or working with selected printing companies. The projects they create on the RISO printer offer a unique result and is typical in their design process.

Together with the Antwerp Poster Festival, kabinet.studio will host a workshop called 'The Colour Show'. This workshop is focused on experiment in combination with RISO printing. They invite participants to design and print together with them in their studio. Their RISO is the 2-color drum Riso MZ1070.
After a short introduction of the machine and sample prints you can start working by yourself. Each participant will design their own poster, this in the theme of the Antwerp Poster Festival 'Show your Colours’. The rich, vibrant colours and unique texture when working with a RISO printer will make the posters special and unique. The participants will make an exclusive printed edition of their work that they can take home after the workshop.

The Risograph machine looks like a copier, but works according to the same principles as silkscreen. Each colour layer is printed individually via stencils (masters). By small imperfections the printing gets charm, playfulness and character. RISO, our supplier of inks, uses renewable or recyclable materials so that the existing raw materials are optimally used. The inks we use are made of
surpluses of fairly produced rice. Due to the cold printing process the machine does not consume a lot of ink. The paper selection of kabinet.studio is also ecological, which is always made of vegetable waste.

Result: A3 posters, 2 colors
No prior knowledge required for participating this workshop.

What will you learn?

Create and prepare your artwork for RISO printing (with or without a computer)
Work with color layers and grids
Operate the Riso MZ1070

What do you need for the workshop?
Ideas and inspiration to design a colorful poster.
All your questions about Risoprinting.
Your own laptop (if possible).

What do we provide?
Coffee, tea and a nice workplace :-)



Maximum number of participants: 50

Spéciale Belge
Regine Beerplein (PAKT)
2018 Antwerpen


TOYKYO is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Ghent, Belgium.
 They believe that creativity, optimism & originality are key elements in life
and apply the same philosophy to their design work.
 As image-makers, they enjoy navigating the blurred lines
between graphic design, illustration and set design.
 TOYKYO aims to evolve, transform and transcend.



Today, companies are beginning to understand that people want meaning instead of messaging. Call it conversation, call it content, call it whatever you like. ‘Brand’ is not about what you say or how you look, but about who you are and what you do.
At Duval Branding, they dare companies to (re)discover who they really are. Why are they doing what they are doing? And, then, help them to communicate their vision, beliefs and personality in a coherent, inspiring way. So they, somehow, become who they truly are.


Studio de Ronners is an agency for print and digital design. They love bold ideas and bright concepts. Their portfolio is broadly oriented: from websites for start-ups, architectural publications and exhibitions to brand campaigns and identities for cultural organizations. Apart from beer they are passionate about iconic designs and clean typography.


For years Antwerp based marketing & communications agency Reputations has been setting out the strategic lines for The Musketeers Brewery and Meug.
What impact can marketing and design have in the drinks industry? As marketers they look for the perfect balance between strategy and design, to be the most effective for their clients. A challenge to which everyone must contribute.



Maximum number of participants: 50

Spéciale Belge
Regine Beerplein (PAKT)
2018 Antwerpen

The lecture night will be moderated by Isabel Van Bos. She is the coordinator of STRT Kit, Antwerp and works as an independent curator and researcher in Brussels. isabelvanbos.com


With a strong focus on the development of visual identities Grusenmeyer works in the wider field of graphic design from printed matter, to exhibition design and webdesign. Grusenmeyer’s work can best be described as playful, inquisitive and diversified with a strong emphasis on typography and conceptual thinking.


Notamuse focuses on the lack of visibility of female graphic designers in the design public. The meaning of the name is clear: not a muse. Unlike the muse, who inspires male, creative spirits through her inspiring but passive role, they are concerned with female designers who themselves are creative and actively participate in designing the creative landscape.


Her style is best described as design that touches both the rational and organic field. The rational field is the knowledge that her education provided her. The organic and spiritual field is the luggage that life gave her. When those two fields overlap each other in a design, it creates a special visual balance. Her self initiated designs are about expression and impulses.


She is a german designer working on the interface of typography and art, currently doing her MA at the Sandberg Intituut. She researches on how type can be used for embodying and shaping discourses within our society. She designs Typefaces and build networks from a feminist perspective.



Maximum number of participants: 10

Spéciale Belge
Regine Beerplein (PAKT)
2018 Antwerpen

Marie Bernard is a collaboration between designer Masja van Deursen and artist Serge Game. Based on the experiences in their separate practices they investigate their shared passion for the tactile use of colour and materials.
The first phase in their creative process comprises individually made collages that are seldom fixed but instead keep being rearranged and changed. During this process paper shapes discarded by either one is very likely to be used again by the other thus organically achieving a common denominator throughout the designs. Their approach is very intuitive and allows for both abstract and more figurative results to be distilled.
These paper collages are the starting point for their wood collages.

What is the plan?
During the Antwerp Poster Festival 2019 Marie Bernard will give a workshop for a limited amount of participants using only paper, scissors, box cutters and perhaps some glue.

After a short introduction into the works of Marie Bernard and their philosophy the participants will be asked to start creating their own posters using only the materials given to them. During this process Marie Bernard will engage with each participant in order to assist them explore the possibilities of the materials provided and to help them rely on their intuition. The goal is not to create images pre-existing in the minds of the participants, but rather to stimulate the discovery of new shapes and insights.

The last phase of the workshop consists of a collective powwow where Marie Bernard and all participants will discuss the works that have been generated during the session.

Open Call Closed

Thanks to all designers who submitted their posters! The Open Call was a huge succes!
Unfortunately, the Open Call is now officially closed.

The jury will go through all submissions and make a selection of the best designs. Mid February 2019 we will contact all participants of the Open Call to let you know if your poster has been selected or not. We would like to invite all of you to grab a drink at the festival!

Selected Designers

DEU Anna Cairns + Sascia Reibel
FRA Arthur & Victor Brun V/A/B
DEU Bureau Borsche
CHE César De Bargue
USA Christine Zavesky
NLD Daan Rietbergen
CHE Dominic Rechsteiner
CHE Erich Brechbühl
DEU Felix Bareis
BEL Fien Robbe, Ruben Vandennieuwenborg, Thomas van Herck
DEU Fons Hickmann M23
BEL Gaël Cornet Lombardo
ITA Giovanni Murolo
DEU Huynh Bohle
BEL Jan & Randoald
DEU Jan Robert Obst
CZE Jiri Mocek
GBR Joseph Lebus
BEL Jurgen Maelfeyt & Jonas Temmerman (6'55")
USA Keith Kitz
BEL Kevin Brenkman
BEL Laura Bergans
BEL Lola Giffard Bouvier
BEL Maaike Ottoy
CHE Marine Julie
BEL Menno Tomballe
ITA Nicolò Pellarin
CHE Orlando Brunner
BEL Otis Verhoeve
FRA Pierre Vanni
SWE Rikke Landler
DEU Robert Radziejewski
JPN Shun Ishizuka
FRA Spassky Fischer
BEL Studio Studio
DEU Sven Tillack, Steffen Knöll
CHE Stefan Hürlemann
CHE Stefan Hürlemann, Tanja Krebs, Anna Pravorotskaya, Laurence Hau
THA Studio 150
BEL Tim Caenepeel
DEU Tim Lindacher
USA Travis Kane
DEU Valentin Alisch & Niklas Berlec
NLD Vincent Meertens
CHE Yves Krähenbühl
FRA Zoé Abravanel
DEU Studio Tillack Knöll & Studio Terhedebrügge Terhedebrügge


Tom Hautekiet (BE)

With Clients as Rock Werchter and VRT, you immediately think of a large design agency. Yet, KIET is the work of one man. KIET is the graphic design studio of Tom Hautekiet. Based in Antwerp, the studio devises identities, graphics for expositions and festivals, posters, packaging, books and graphics for television. His work has been published in several books and magazines around the world.

Clients: Live Nation, Rock Werchter, VRT, Lannoo, Koninklijk Museum voor schone Kunsten, HETPALEIS, and many more


ATELIER BRENDA — Nana Esi & Sophie Keij (BE)

Our second judge is Brenda! Well, actually Nana Esi and Sophie Keij from Atelier Brenda. Brenda is a creative studio focussing on graphic design, creative direction and spacial design, based in Belgium. It is the alter ego of independent designers Nana & Sophie. Their work includes the creative and conceptual development and/or design of identities, record sleeves, exhibition design, website and publication.


75B — Pieter Vos (NL)

Our third and final judge is Pieter Vos from 75B! 75B is the Rotterdam based graphic design agency of Rens Muis and Pieter Vos. They are known for their quirky designs, combined with humor and a modern approach on Dutch Design.
Their autonomous works are part of the collection of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and SF MOMA. AND also important: it’s pronounced as ‘five and seven tick-bay’

Clients: International Film Festival Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fonds, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, IABR (International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, and many more.



Plan your trip to the Antwerp Poster Festival by using the handy Smart ways to Antwerp website and find out what the easiest way is to reach the festival. There are two main entry points to this hidden gem that is PAKT: Regine Beerplein, 2018 Antwerpen and Lamorinièrestraat 161, 2018 Antwerpen. Both entrances will take you to the Poster Festival or Follow the signs. Hours: every day from 12:00 till 21:00.


We recommend to get off at Antwerpen-Berchem which is only a 12 minute walk from the festival (1 km). Antwerp-Central station is located 2 km from the festival.

Bus & tram

No more looking for parking space for hours!
From Antwerp-Berchem station you can use bus 30 and 40 (both two stops away from the festival).
If you’re at Antwerp-Central station we recommend you use tram 6 or 9 (both two stops and a short walk from the festival).

By bike

You can reach Antwerp Poster Festival easily by bike. You can also store your bike safely in the bicycle stand on the PAKT premises.
Coming by bike is not only good for the environment, but with those burned calories you can drink an extra beer at Spéciale Belge. Cheers to that!

By car

If you can’t come by bike or public transportation, there's limited parking around PAKT. Nearest car park is Q-Park Antwerpen-Berchem: https://bit.ly/2wauuX8 (12 min walk). If you find a parking spot nearby PAKT, don’t forget to use the parking meter.

Team & Partners

The festival is organised by Dennis Janssens and Tom Tiepermann of the Antwerp based design studio ssnn. Together with their amazing team of partners, sponsors, friends and volunteers they want to offer everyone an unforgettable experience. Thanks everyone for helping make APF happen!

Spéciale Belge

Four gentlemen make their dream come true: Opening a modern, industrial beer shop 'Spéciale Belge' in the heart of Antwerp. Here you find a wide range of Belgian beers and trays that are served in at an amazing venue.

Heavy Weight

Heavyweight is Prague-based digital type foundry established by Filip Matejicek & Jan Horcik. Their fonts are mainly used by designers that are active in the cultural sector. They provide APF with the fonts Nuckle and Pano. Also they provide a font package for the top three designers that are chosen by our jury.

Matthias Deckx

Matthias Deckx is an Antwerp-based designer working for clients and on projects in the fields of art, culture and commerce. His focus lies on visual identity design, digital design and front-end development. Matthias designed the APF website.


VIGC (Flemish Innovation Center for Graphic Communication) in an independent knowledge center for graphic communication. VIGC is at the service of the printing industry, its customers and its suppliers.
They are a multidisciplinary team of domain experts and project leaders with extensive practical experience in graphic communication. The essence of their mission is transferring knowledge to skills.

Antilope De Bie Printing

Antilope De Bie is specialized in printed matter with a unique look. As a customer you are not anonymous for Antilope De Bie. They offer the guidance needed for each client. Printed matter thus becomes a tangible added value in your marketing mix.

You are entitled to the best result even for standard jobs. So do not hesitate to ask for free advice, they will help you on your way.


Choosing paper is a creative act and Antalis has just what you need.
As a leading international distributor of communications support materials, Antalis believes that its development must take into account economic, social and environmental concerns.

Nationale Loterij

For more than 80 years, the National Lottery has ensured safe betting and invests a large part of the efforts of its players in all kinds of socially relevant projects. The Nationale Loterij is a financial partner of APF.

District Antwerpen

There is a lot to do in the district of Antwerp. From cultural trips to cycling races, hip tablet cafés to carnival parties. The District of Antwerp keeps supports local events. District Antwerpen is a financial partner of APF


General enquiries:

Press, Media and Partnerships:

Mailing address:
Lange Lobroekstraat 41-45
2060 Antwerp (Belgium)


Can I still submit my poster after the deadline?

Unfortunately, when the deadline is closed, it’s closed. But we’d love to invite you to APF and grab a drink together.

Can we lunch or have dinner nearby the festival?

Apart from their many special beers and drinks, Spéciale Belge offer a variety of small snacks. If you want to enjoy a tasty organic lunch, you can go to Kasserol, for a delicious pizza we recommend our neighbours from Standard. There is also a two Michelin star restaurant called The Jane, but be sure to make a reservation (months in advance, no kidding!).

Is it an indoor or outdoor festival?

The festival is indoor at Spéciale Belge. Click here to find out how to get there.